WHO Immunization Monitoring Academy (IMA) Webinar 04: Denominators (recording and resources)

GENEVA, 14 November 2018 – The objectives of this webinar on denominators were:

  • Discuss use of population estimates in immunization
  • Discuss challenges with population estimates
  • Provide concrete ideas to strengthen:
    • Denominators for coverage monitoring
    • Targets for planning

Mamadou Diallo from UNICEF was Jan Grevendonk’s guest for this webinar.

IMA webinars are open to everyone. If we reach capacity (1,000 participants), you can still participate in the event on our Facebook page, where it will be broadcast on Facebook LIVE.

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Invitation: Commencement Exercises for the first Certificate course in remote partnering (Cohort 1)

The Remote Partnering Project team and participants request the honour of your company at the Commencement Exercises to be held on Thursday, 5 April 2018 at 11h00 (AM) UTC (London) (check time). Click here to register to attend this event

During this event:

  • The Remote Partnering Project team will present the certificate programme in remote partnering (Levels 1 and 2)
  • The course team will share early outcomes and feedback about the first cohort of the Level 1 certificate course in remote partnering.
  • Cohort participants will present their Remote Partnering Plans and share their experience of the course.

You are welcome to attend whether or not you participated in the course.

The Commencement Exercises will be opened by the Remote Partnering Project team, with a Commencement Address by Catherine Russ.

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