Certificate course in remote partnering: Commencement Exercises

Commencement Exercises for the first cohort of the Certificate course in remote partnering were held on Thursday, 5 April 2018. Download the Commencement Exercises slide deck

Why hold Commencement Exercises for a digital Scholar course?

  • Recognise achievement and progress achieved through this course.
  • Recognise that participants are beginning their remote partnering journey.
  • Present work produced to partners, colleagues, and family.
  • Come together as a community of learners with a shared interest in remote partnering.
  • Highlight the value of the Scholar methodology to support accelerated peer collaboration and higher-order learning to develop practitioner knowledge.

This public event was broadcast on the course Facebook page , with course participants and nominating organisations encouraged to share the invitation with their networks.

Commencement Address by Catherine Russ

Review of our learning journey by Reda Sadki

Participants were invited to present their Remote Partnering Plans.

Shamnaz Ahmed: Strengthening horizontal partnership for local humanitarian leadership

Sumaru Tripathee: Local humanitarian leadership development through remote partnership

Gezahegn K. Gebrehana on Improving remote partnering in 26 Sub-Saharan African countries

Maria Isabel Navarro: Reviving NW Syria Agriculture Through Remote Partnership

Closing comments – Commencement Exercises for the certificate course in remote partnering


This course has been made possible by the contributions and enthusiasm of the following partner organisations:

  • Act Alliance
  • British Red Cross
  • Care
  • Cordaid
  • Humanitarian Leadership Academy
  • International Planned Parenthood Federation
  • Oxfam International
  • Partnership Brokers Association
  • Partnerships Resource Centre
  • PAX
  • Save the Children UK

Invitation: Commencement Exercises for the first Certificate course in remote partnering (Cohort 1)

The Remote Partnering Project team and participants request the honour of your company at the Commencement Exercises to be held on Thursday, 5 April 2018 at 11h00 (AM) UTC (London) (check time). Click here to register to attend this event

During this event:

  • The Remote Partnering Project team will present the certificate programme in remote partnering (Levels 1 and 2)
  • The course team will share early outcomes and feedback about the first cohort of the Level 1 certificate course in remote partnering.
  • Cohort participants will present their Remote Partnering Plans and share their experience of the course.

You are welcome to attend whether or not you participated in the course.

The Commencement Exercises will be opened by the Remote Partnering Project team, with a Commencement Address by Catherine Russ.

Click here to learn more about the Certificate programme in remote partnering (Levels 1 and 2)…