WHO Data Improvement Plan (DIP) Webinar 01 on data improvement plans (recording and resources)

GENEVA, 25 September 2019 – Have you ever wondered:

  • What the first steps are towards developing a data improvement plan?
  • Why unpacking observations and issues are important before thinking about recommendations and activities?
  • What makes a good plan and what are the key considerations when developing one?

Here is the recording of the first webinar for Data Improvement Planning. In this webinar, we:

  1. walk through what it takes to develop a Data Improvement Plan,
  2. share good examples taken from real country plans
  3. highlight some of the most often observed challenges along the way.

Presenters: Jan Grevendonk (WHO) and Riswana Soundardjee (GAVI)

Click here to download the resources for this webinar

The Data Improvement Plan’s webinars are open to everyone. If we reach capacity (1,000 participants), you can still participate in the event on our Facebook page, where it will be broadcast on Facebook LIVE.

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