#Ambulance! Fall 2018

Next #Ambulance! webinars: 6 and 29 November 2018

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We have different job roles, practices, and challenges. But the risk of violence is one thing almost everyone has in common, even in peaceful settings.

Despite the potentially serious impact of violence, shared experience, resources and training available may be limited.

In 2016 and 2017, we documented 270 front-line incidents of violence thanks to the ambulance and pre-hospital emergency care workers from 70 countries, who signed up to our #Ambulance! Exercises.

This fall, we are inviting you to join this global Community of Action for three webinars, during which you and other practitioners will share stories, dilemmas and insights to make access to health care and its provision safer and better protected.

Who is this initiative for?

  • If you work or have worked in an ambulance or other emergency care health service, whether in a peaceful country, during an emergency or times of an armed conflict, we urge you to join.
  • Nonmedical staff and volunteers working to ensure the safety and security of emergency health workers are also encouraged to join.


All #Ambulance! activities are free of charge and there is no cost to be paid by participants.


During the first session we will look together at what we have learned about patterns of violence affecting ambulance and pre-hospital emergency health services. We will also provide more information on you can engage with the global Community of Action for Ambulance and Pre-Hospital Care Providers.  

Following live sessions will focus on specific problems (case studies) and will include a short presentation followed by interactive discussions and expert feedback. We will aim towards exploring practical solutions that may help you in your work.


Presenters will be pre-hospital emergency care practitioners from within and outside the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

What you will gain

  1. Opportunity to share dilemmas linked to violence you’ve been facing when in service and, with peers from all over the world, explore how to solve them.
  2. Widen your grasp of pre-hospital emergency care, beyond your local context.
  3. Improve your risk awareness in your own country and setting.

Who is organizing these events

The Norwegian Red Cross and the Community of Action for Ambulance and Pre‑Hospital Services in Risk Situations are organizing these events. The Community of Action, organized under the auspices of the Health Care in Danger Project, is a network of practitioners and other experts interested in improving the operational security in violent situations, in order to better access people in need of emergency medical assistance. The initiative is being developed in partnership with the Geneva Learning Foundation.

What participants in the #Ambulance! exercises said

“I understood that we need to be connected with the population that we are helping, respecting diversity and listening to their feedback.”

“I gained new colleagues from around the world and we exchanged our experiences.”

“I am learning that as responders, we are very important and we all have challenges in our communities.”

“I am learning that I am not alone in this struggle to save lives – and that my security issues are not as bad as those faced by others.”

“When we combine our experience with others’ experience, we gain a lot.”

Contact information

Please address any queries to ambulance@learning.foundation

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