CARE RGA Scholar onboarding instructions

There are four steps required to “onboard” (prepare) for the CARE RGA Scholar course.

  • You are encouraged to complete these steps before the course starts on 21 May 2018.
  • We estimate that these steps typically require less than 30 minutes to complete.
  • Please follow each step carefully. If you miss a step, you will not be able to start the course.
  • You only have to go through these steps once!

Before you start onboarding, please view this short message (30 seconds) from Isadora Quay, CARE’s International Gender in Emergencies Coordinator (Programme Quality). She will accompany you throughout the whole duration of the course.

Discover the three platforms that you will use in this course.

In this course, we will be primarily using three platforms to support learning:

  1. Scholar is the course web site where we will be working together. You can work in Scholar at any time, from anywhere.
  2. GoToTraining is the software that we will use to meet once a week for the discussion group.
  3. WhatsApp is the application that will provide an immediate connection at any time with your peers and with the course team. Install WhatsApp… Click here to join the CARE RGA group

1. Register for the weekly discussion group

You are required to participate in the weekly discussion group. Each discussion group meeting lasts 60 minutes.

Click here to register for the weekly discussion group

  • Meeting time: 0700 (7 AM) London UTC+1 (check time)
  • Attendance in the discussion group is mandatory. You are required to participate every Thursday at 7 a.m. (0700) UK on these dates: 17, 24, 31 May ; 7, 14, 21, 28 June; 5, 12, 18 July 2018.
  • If you use a mobile device (phone or tablet) to join, you will need to download the GoToTraining app and enter Training ID: 856-840-188.

If you have a legitimate reason for not being able to attend the discussion group, you need to complete three tasks.

  1. Complete the legitimate absence request form.
  2. View the session recording (in Scholar) once it is available (usually within 24-48 hours after the group meets).
  3. Complete the catch-up task (in Scholar) for that week.

You only need to register once. You will then receive automatic notifications 1 week, 1 day, and 1 hour before each session. You can also join a different session, if needed.

  • If you use a mobile device (phone or tablet) to join, you will need to download the GoToTraining app and enter Training ID: 856-840-188.

If you need a recap to explain this step, you may view this video (2 minutes and 30 seconds). (The other videos are required viewing, but this one is optional!)

2. Create your account in Scholar

We strongly recommend that you watch the video tutorials. There are steps that are not intuitive and the best way to determine how to complete them is to see and hear the instructions.

Click here to start the registration in Scholar… This is the single most important step that you need to complete!

Video: Create your account in Scholar (2 minutes)


  • When signing into Scholar, please verify that your device is not auto-capitalizing the first letter of your user name or password.
  • We recommend that you write down the Given Name, Surname, and Username for future reference. Note: Your Given Name and Surname are the ones that will appear on your certificate. Capitalize only the first letter of your first name and last name. 
  • You will need to recall both the E-mail you used to register and the Password you created every time you log into Scholar.
  • Click on Create Account only after you have ensured that you will be able to recall the E-mail, Username, and Password. (Be careful with capitalization as Scholar will not recognize your user information if you change or add capital letters.)

Once you have created your account in Scholar, you will need to confirm your account.

Video: How to confirm your account in Scholar (44 seconds)

Once you have confirmed your account, you will then start your profile in Scholar. There are three steps to create a short summary about yourself, connect with communities and peers, and then post your first “Update” (like a blog post) to introduce yourself.

Video: How to create your profile in Scholar (2 minutes)

Note: During the course, you will post Updates to the Community and NOT to your personal profile.

3. Join the CARE RGA Community in Scholar.

After you have created your account and profile in Scholar, you need to join the CARE RGA Community.

If you joined the CARE RGA Community when you created your profile in Scholar, click here to access the CARE RGA Community.

Here is how to join the CARE RGA Community if you did not join it when you first created your profile in Scholar.

Video: Request to join the CARE RGA Community in Scholar (0:26)

Tip: Use your web browser to create a bookmark for CARE RGA. You will need to check the Community for Updates on a regular basis (usually once a day).

Once you have joined the Community, here is what you will see. Once you have completed this final step, please note:

  • From this point on, everything you need will be found in the CARE RGA Community.
  • You will receive e-mail from Scholar (via to notify you when new Updates and Comments are posted in the Community.
  • Only the discussion group (once a week) and the WhatsApp group take place outside of Scholar.
  • You may also access the CARE RGA course folder (add link). In this Dropbox folder, you will find all of the materials used in the course. This includes the tutorial videos if you need to download them to view them offline.

4. Confirm that you have completed onboarding by sending a message in our Whatsapp group

Once you have joined the WhatsApp group, send a message to confirm that you have completed onboarding!

Click here to join the CARE RGA WhatsApp group, if you have not already done so.

Note: There are times when there may be a lot of messages from participants across different time zones. Some participants may find that they receive too much information via WhatsApp. If you choose to ignore or mute WhatsApp, you will then need to be very diligent about regularly checking the CARE RGA Community in Scholar for Updates.

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