#DigitalScholar Call for Proposals (2018)

At the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva, Switzerland, on 12 June 2017, the Geneva Learning Foundation announced its first Call for proposals to tackle complex challenges around one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Geneva Learning Foundation invites organisations to express their interest in the Foundation’s first Call for Proposals.

For most if not all international organisations, three major challenges involve how to:

  1. scale up their education and other capacity-building efforts in ways that are financially sustainable;
  2. foster and accelerate the growth of new, transformative leadership; and
  3. successfully execute on global strategies in ways that recognise and strengthen diversity.

The Scholar Approach, developed by the Geneva Learning Foundation in partnership with the University of Illinois and Learning Strategies International (LSi), is a practical way to tackle complex capacity-building, leadership, strategy execution, and other learning problems.

This Approach is relevant if your organisation:

  • faces a complex challenge that involves capacity-building, leadership, strategy execution, or learning;
  • is interested in a scalable approach that can connect local communities to global networks; and
  • has found that conventional approaches do not deliver the outcomes that are needed.

We are especially interested in complex challenges in humanitarian, sustainable development, or global health issues. However, the Call for proposals is also open to other thematic areas and industries.

Timeline for the #DigitalScholar Call for proposals

The Foundation will invite organisations who have submitted a relevant EOI to first attend an online briefing. Following the briefing, organisations will then receive the full package and instructions to respond to the call for proposals.

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